Admission Policy

The American International School is established to provide an excellent international education for everyone. We will accept without discrimination students from any country who meet our admission requirements.

Admission Process

The APIS Admissions Committee is responsible for making all decisions regarding student applications.  In their assessment of an application, the Committee will take the following information into account:

If the number of eligible applicants exceeds the availability of places for a particular grade year, students may be placed on a waiting list until a place becomes available. Students with siblings already enrolled at APIS are given priority status within the waiting list, as are children of APIS staff. We consider various other criteria in selecting students from the list, including whether the student has other viable educational options, his/her level of English and general academic proficiency, and the gender balance of the class/grade.

When placing an applicant on the waiting list, we try to provide the candidate with a realistic assessment of the chances and possible timing for admission. However, candidates should be aware that, like most international schools, the enrolment situation at APIS is dynamic and often unpredictable. We periodically contact parents of applicants on the list to update them on enrolment status and to confirm whether they wish to remain on the list.

Once the application is complete, including receipt of school records, confidential recommendations and payment of the application fee, we will inform you of a decision in due course, usually within a week.

Applicants accepted for admission are asked to accept or decline the offer within one week of receiving notice of acceptance by contacting our admissions office. Please understand that we ask for these commitments on a timely basis so that 1) we may ensure that places are held for accepted applicants who indeed wish to enroll; and 2) in instances where accepted applicants choose other options, we may allocate places to other deserving candidates on the waiting list.


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Parent-Teacher Conference

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9th Annual Concert

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Parent Meeting